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Friday, February 29, 2008

Solarvalue AG Solar Grade Silicon sample Lab “Oratory”

Production starting in the second half of 2008?

Solarvalue issues Annual Report for 2007: Small scale production laboratory starts operations – prove of process abiliy initiated (Deutsch) was the news yesterday, February 28, 2008, from Solarvalue AG (FRA:SV7).

Solarvalue AG Chairman and CEO Claudia Boehringer said:

In the last few months we have built our own laboratory size production facility in the US. This facility has recently started operations directed at testing metallurgical grade silicon from a variety of potential suppliers, as well as evaluating the ability of the Solarvalue production process to refine this purchased silicon into solar grade silicon in our Slovenia plant. We expect to produce the first small quantities of solar grade silicon samples in the very near future.

Besides the Annual Report 2007 (Deutsch), it does not seem as though much has changed since the Solarvalue AG Analyst Conference at the 8. Forum Solarpraxis. As I reported back then towards the end of November 2007:

Solarvalue should deliver SGS lab sample material on the order of 10’s of kilograms before year end.

By implication, the lab samples were then expected in a few weeks at most. And even now the solar grade silicon samples are not ready until the “very near future”. As I understand it, the “laboratory size production facility” is capable of producing solar grade silicon in the aforementioned 10’s of kilograms quantity scale.

All the same points raised in Solarvalue AG Analyst Conference at the 8. Forum Solarpraxis still apply, and I will not belabor them.

In other news, Solarvalue plans issue of bonus shares: Shareholders’ Equity increased eightfold (Deutsch). I far as I understand it, this is stock split to increase the liquidity and daily share trading volume. Shareholders will need to approve this proposal at the upcoming ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2008 (HAUPTVERSAMMLUNG 2008) on March 28, 2008, at 10.00 AM, in the Ludwig Erhard Haus, Berlin, Germany.

Solarvalue’s ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2008 occurs the Friday before the Photovoltaic Technology Show 2008 Europe and the 6th Solar Silicon Conference in Munich (München), Germany.

Interesting timing and about a month earlier than last year.

Solar Temblor: 9 Big Trends by Jennifer Kho at Greentech Media is an informative post worth taking the time to read.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Timminco Limited: O Canada! Solar Grade Silicon, Eh? – Part 2

Production capacity expansion and Landsbanki/Kepler presentation

Last Friday, February 22, 2008, the Timminco Limited (TSE:TIM) subsidiary, Bécancour Silicon Inc. (BSI), announced plans to expand annual solar grade silicon production capacity from 3600 MT (Metric Tons) to 14400 MT in Timminco Announces Expansion of Production Capacity for Solar Grade Silicon. This expansion is slated for completion by mid 2009 at a cost of about $65 million (I presume Canadian Dollars or CAD) and will establish BSI as the leading volume producer of solar grade silicon by upgrading metallurgical silicon (mg-Si).

As noted in this BSI presentation at the February 7, 2008, Landsbanki/Kepler Alternative Energies Conference and per Timminco Announces Commencement of Production of Solar Grade Silicon in Its New Facility, their first 1200 MT per year production line has reached nominal capacity and averages about 80% operating capacity since early January 2008. The second 1200 MT line began operation in early February 2008, and the third line was supposed to come online about now.

Analysis of the solar grade silicon by shipment shows continuous improvement in Phosphorous and Boron impurity levels. An independent lab (SHIVA Technologies) analysis of BSI’s solar grade silicon from the first production line found concentrations of less than 1 ppm wt (parts per million by weight) Boron with Phosphorous concentrations centered around 5 ppm wt.

I heard from an informed source that while some BSI customers blend the solar grade silicon material with polysilicon in a 1:1 ratio, others can produce working silicon solar cells with 100% BSI material. BSI announced four (4) long term customer contracts for High Purity Silicon and sampled 24 customers with 90 MT of solar grade silicon from the pilot plant in 2007. Since then, BSI has purchase orders for 2008 from four (4) new customers and claims the “High quality and cleanliness of material has enabled monocrystalline production”.

I have been searching for the patents related to BSI’s Silbec Process. It appears these have been moving forward and may be published soon.

René Boisvert, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bécancour Silicon Inc. (Silicium Bécancour Inc.), will be presenting on April Fool’s Day, April 1, 2008, at the 6th Solar Silicon Conference in Munich (München), Germany, as part of the Photovoltaic Technology Show 2008 Europe.

All my arrangements are set, and I am looking forward to covering PHOTON’s Photovoltaic Technology Show 2008 Europe this April.

In a new Blog personal worst for lethargy, I posted the original Timminco Limited: O Canada! Solar Grade Silicon, Eh? – Part 1 about six months ago without follow up. Good thing the The Real Deal Blog by John Polomny covered Timminco developments per this search label, Stock of the Year Timminco vaults 25% on news.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Muto Silicon: Polysilicon from Taiwan

SRI International licenses silicon process know-how in a technology transfer.

SRI International has confirmed the DIGITIMES report, SRI reportedly selects Muto for polysilicon technology transfer (subscription may be required), by Nuying Huang and Rodney Chan. SRI International said:

SRI has licensed its process for manufacturing low-cost solar grade silicon to several companies, one of which is Muto Silicon.

SRI emphasized the process know-how and extensive nature of their technology transfers.

Muto Silicon was founded by Yageo Corporation (TPE:2327) Honorary Chairman Wood M.Y. Chen as a separate enterprise. The Muto-Silicon Inc. ( web landing page offers little more than the tease of:

Polysilicon for Solar Cell
1000 Tons per year in 2008
3000 Tons per year in 2009
5000 Tons per year in 2010

So what is the silicon production process technology SRI is licensing?


The sources pointed out that SRI uses the sodium reduction process to produce polysilicon.

In this 2006 post, Solar's Silicon Shakeup, Red Herring said:

SRI International has developed and is looking to license its own low-cost technology that uses low levels of energy, according to Vice President Larry Dubois.

An online spreadsheet of SRI’s entire U.S. Patent Portfolio can be downloaded from the Intellectual Property and Licensing web page.

While SRI patents over twenty (20) years old involve the “PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR OBTAINING SILICON FROM FLUOSILICIC ACID” or the reduction of silicon tetrafluoride (SiF4) with sodium, a newer patent published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) involves a Fluidized Bed Reactor with potential application to the production of electronic grade silicon.


Regardless of the process technology, 2008 production of 1000 MT (metric tons) of polysilicon by Muto Silicon looks over optimistic unless construction is well underway.

I echo the sentiment of Is $25 Million Enough For Hoku? by Daniel Englander. Will this Hoku polysilicon plant ever happen?

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AE Polysilicon Event Groundbreaking – Part 3

DEP Secretary Kathleen McGinty found!

Photo Credit: AE Polysilicon
DEP Secretary McGinty

In AE Polysilicon Event Groundbreaking – Part 2, I speculated about the absence of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Kathleen McGinty from the AE Polysilicon supplied photos.

Photo Credit: AE Polysilicon
DEP Secretary McGinty (impractical groundbreaking shoe choice?)

AE Polysilicon responded with a few more photos. Both Secretary McGinty and 8th District Congressman Patrick J. Murphy (D-PA) spoke to celebrate the AE Polysilicon groundbreaking.

Photo Credit: AE Polysilicon
Congressman Patrick J. Murphy (D-PA)

This press release, Pelosi, Casey, Murphy and McGinty Stand Together For Renewable Energy and a Stronger Economy, issued October 1, 2007, by the office of Congressman Patrick J. Murphy (D-PA) about the joint visit to the Keystone Industrial Port Complex (KIPC), said:

Companies like Spanish windmill manufacturer Gamesa and solar material manufacturer AE Polysilicon have already moved into the KIPC and created hundreds of jobs.

By virtue of an office at the Keystone Industrial Port Complex (KIPC) Administrative building and activity at the existing structure, this statement was true in technical fact. However, I still believe Congressman Murphy’s staff was being a bit over enthusiastic about AE Polysilicon’s progress last October.

Gamesa USA, a Gamesa Corporacion Technologica S.A. subsidiary, today employs over 500 people manufacturing wind turbine blades, towers, and assembling nacelles at the KIPC. Per Gamesa ends 2007 by signing several contracts of wind turbine supply for over 700 million euros, their wind power business continues to boom.

Enough with the photo web log! I will return to the normal Blog format in the next post.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

AE Polysilicon Event Groundbreaking – Part 2

Pictures from the Groundbreaking Ceremony

Photo Credit: AE Polysilicon
Dr. York Tsuo is second from the right.

The official event press release, Sec. McGinty Helps Break Ground on $100 Million Solar Manufacturing Project in Bucks County, is from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). I do not see DEP Secretary Kathleen McGinty in either of the groundbreaking photographs. Perhaps she attended earlier, missed the ceremony, or was taking the photos?

AE Polysilicon founder and President Dr. York Tsuo said:

Global demand for clean energy and solar power in particular is booming; however, limited supplies of polysilicon have restrained the industry’s ability to mass produce affordable solar cells and modules. It is the company’s vision to advance the competitiveness of the solar energy industry by developing cost-effective technologies and creating strong relationships in the industry and local community. We are very excited to locate in Pennsylvania, with its strong commitment to developing a clean energy economy and its skilled workforce.

Photo Credit: AE Polysilicon
I believe Motech Industries, Inc. Chairman and President Dr. Simon Tsuo is at the far right.

In Groundbreaking Event of AE Polysilicon Corporation, Motech Industries Inc. (TPO:6244) said:

According to AE, major equipments have been ordered and installation had already begun for some equipments at a site near the facility. AE expects to enter into test production soon after the production facility has been completed. According to the construction plan, AE expects to commence test production in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Motech seems to expect delivery of polysilicon to begin in early 2009 from the new AE Polysilicon facility. Per the original Motech and AE Polysilicon ink Polycrystalline Silicon Feedstock Supply Agreement, "polysilicon delivery from AE to Motech is expected to begin as early as 2008."

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Friday, February 15, 2008

AE Polysilicon Event Groundbreaking

[Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania USA]

Event slated for today, February 15, 2008, at 11:00 AM EST

I stopped by the Keystone Industrial Port Complex (KIPC) this morning to check on the construction progress, if any, for the new AE Polysilicon facility. I was surprised to find signs for an AE Polysilicon Event. The groundbreaking ceremony is supposed to start at 11:00 AM per one of the event caters I questioned.

This groundbreaking will occur one month later than expected per AE Polysilicon: Final Plan Approved.

Here is a Picasa slideshow with the event tent and the existing building that will be renovated into office space.

It appears there has been little to no work done thus far at the site. I tried to find an AE Polysilicon representative to ask for a formal invitation to the groundbreaking, but I could not find anyone at the main KIPC office. So I decided to rush out this post.

Well, I do have to wonder why I did not receive an official invitation!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cool Earth Solar attracts a Hot $21 Million in Series A Financing

Valentine’s Day funding leaked by CCTO two days early.
2008 California Clean Tech Open Launch will occur on April 1, 2008, in San Jose, California USA.

In COOL EARTH SOLAR CLOSES $21 MILLION SERIES A FINANCING, Cool Earth Solar (CES, announced the initial closing of a $21 million Series A round of financing today on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2008. Cool Earth Solar stated additional closings of this round may occur over the next 60 days.

Cool Earth Solar has developed a proprietary Concentrated PhotoVoltaic (CPV) technology that the company claims will achieve radical reductions in the material cost and weight of CPV versus competing high concentration photovoltaic systems. Furthermore, Cool Earth Solar will use their CPV technology to develop, build, and own solar power plants that can compete with conventional fossil fuel fired power plants.

Photo Credit: Cool Earth Solar

Dr. Eric Cummings, founder of Cool Earth Solar said:

Our goal from the very start was to find a clean energy generation solution that could address the global scale of the carbon problem. We discarded everything that couldn’t scale, relied on rare components, or had some other critical bottleneck. Ultimately, we developed a novel technology which radically reduces the amount of material in our system and balances labor and capital costs.

And Cool Earth Solar Chief Executive Officer, Rob Lamkin said:

Cool Earth Solar power plants will produce electricity at a cost lower than natural gas-fueled plants. Our innovative solar technology delivers economically as well as environmentally. We will apply the funding towards expanding our team, developing our technology, and building our state-of-the-art solar power plants. We are actively seeking exceptional engineers, scientists, and manufacturing designers.

Please see the label Cool Earth Solar for previous posts about the company.

The California Clean Tech Open (CCTO) released the following information about CES two days early in the Tuesday, February 12, 2008, California Clean Tech Open Newsletter:

CoolEarth, a 2006 Runner-Up of the Renewables Prize, inks deal for $21 million in private funding.
CoolEarth Solar, our 2006 runner-up for the California Investor Owned Utilities Renewable Prize (PG&E, SDG&E and SCE) has engineered a cost efficient solar power plant that competes economically with conventional fuels. Their new technology combines traditional photovoltaics with a new inflatable concentrator. The mirror concentrator is unique because it uses inflatable mirrors that are 400 times cheaper than polished aluminum mirrors. CCTO Founding Partner Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati assisted CoolEarth in closing the round.

The third annual 2008 California Clean Tech Open Launch will occur on April Fool’s Day, April 1, 2008, at the San Jose City Hall located in downtown San Jose, California USA. Details on the event hosted by San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed will be posted in early March 2008 to the CCTO website,

While I cannot confirm this, I heard from a confidential source the animated video titled Inflatable Solar Collectors on YouTube (or see Solar Light Flashes: July 22, 2007) was developed independent of Cool Earth Solar by a solar enthusiast at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), a Lucasfilm Ltd. company.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Solar Light Flashes: February 10, 2008

Select Photovoltaic News Tidbits

This is the first Solar Light Flashes of 2008. Somehow, I didn’t have anything to report on a company name starting with the letter “S”, the most popular first letter for “s”olar companies.

AE Polysilicon

An AE Polysilicon DEP Resolution concerning a sewer module was approved at a Special Meeting of the Falls Township Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, January 22, 2008. An online video of the vote on AE Polysilicon resolution 08-06 is available at the Falls Township Board Of Supervisors Meeting - January 22, 2008. Click on:

Part 1 of 1 - 6:32pm to 6:57pm (timestamp range 6:54:54 to 6:56:45)

and allow the video to load before advancing the time index unless you find the political squabbling between Supervisor Vislosky and Board Chairman Robert Harvie, Jr. (or see Harvie) amusing.

What is the relevance of this regulatory trivia? In the wake of REC ASA - Silicon expansion project - delay and cost overrun or Polysilicon Plant Costs On the Rise by Jennifer Kho at Greentech Media, it seems almost impossible for AE Polysilicon Corporation to begin production by the end of 2008.


The old AstroPower stock symbol now belongs to A-Power Energy Generation Systems, Ltd. (NASDAQ:APWR). This company does not have a website and was formerly named Chardan South China Acquisition Corp., a Blank Check IPO by Chardan Capital. See this BARRON’s article, Blind-Pool Danger by Leslie P. Norton, for unflattering background on the management behind this Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation (SPAC).

I noticed recent online news reported under this stock symbol has been confused with AstroPower.

Green Light blog at Greentech Media

The post SunPower and First Solar: Two Men Enter. One Man Leaves. by Daniel Englander seems long on provocation and short on arguments. First, I don’t see near term competition between SunPower and First Solar as a zero sum game. Each company’s technology can thrive in photovoltaic applications depending on the specifics of the installation size, area, and location. And any thin film threat as cited from Nanosolar or Sharp to First Solar is an even greater threat to SunPower because of their higher cost per Watt silicon solar cells. SunPower is nota vertically integrated poly producer” as Mr. Englander states and needs polysilicon prices to decline just to keep up with First Solar and maintain their gross margins. Exploiting their own increasing returns to scale, First Solar can continue to lower their variable manufacturing costs and defend their industry leading cost position.

Thomson Financial chimes in on the First Solar versus SunPower debate in this YouTube video, Squawkbox: On The Radar 01-25-08.

GUNTHER Portfolio is also among the featured blogs at Greentech Media.


Invest in Germany has revamped their website as noted in Newsletter Issue 01/2008. The "Incentives" - Brochure by Invest in Germany looks useful to companies interested in locating in Germany. The last new publication in the Photovoltaics Industry Downloads area remains Fast Track - Photovoltaics as reported in Schmid Silicon Technology: From East Germany with Polysilicon.

In the Jobs & Careers section, there is an opening for a Manager/Senior Manager Renewable Energies & Resources. For those with a long term vision, this position has proven to be a spring board to lucrative opportunities in the renewable energy industry.

NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

In this YouTube video, Dr. Lawrence Kazmerski, Director of the National Center for Photovoltaics (NCPV) at NREL, delivers an entertaining and informative lecture on Photovoltaics: At the Tipping Point at Vanderbilt University on December 3, 2007.

PHOTON International

Cheers to PHOTON International, The Photovoltaic Magazine, for posting articles to their website on a regular basis in 2008. With a massive database of articles, I always thought this would be a great way to leverage their content and entice new subscribers via the teaser content page for the latest issue.

A new report by Denis Lenardic:

Large-Scale Photovoltaic Power Plants
Cumulative and Annual Installed Power Output Capacity
Annual Report 2007

can be downloaded from the homepage by clicking on the Annual Report 2007 link.

Per this Photovoltaic Technology About Us:

PV-Tech independently collects and disseminates news and in-depth technical information exclusively for PV manufacturers.

Since this publication showed potential, I added it to my SOLAR LINKS. But what is with the .org designation? Non-profit organizations are the main users of the .org (dot-org) domain, and is a for profit company operated by the Henley Media Group. Over a period of one month, failed to respond to my emails asking about the .org domain though they did find the time to trumpet themselves in - building a sustainable future one cell at a time.

In The INQUIRER Guide to Modern 21st Century Journalism, Mike Magee shares seven (7) Modern Journalist Rules that true journalists and Bloggers alike will find amusing.

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Friday, February 08, 2008

6N Silicon: Solar Grade CEO

First CEO, Corporate Presentation, and WIPO Patent

Per 6N Silicon Announces New CEO on January 29, 2008, 6N Silicon Inc.:

has hired metallurgical industry veteran Paolo Maccario as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Maccario has also been appointed as a Member of the 6N Silicon Board of Directors.

Mr. Maccario has 22 years of metallurgical and automotive sector experience and was last the CEO and President of Meridian Technologies Inc., a world leading supplier of magnesium components and assemblies to the automotive industry. 6N Silicon Founder Scott Nichol continues as President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

6N Silicon has upgraded their website with information on the Management team and their Board of Directors, including 6N Silicon Chairman of the Board C. Ian Ross who is also a Director of Ontario Power Generation Inc.

Source: 6N Silicon Inc.

Picking up where my first post 6N Silicon: Solar Grade Silicon from Ontario left off, a new 6N Silicon Corporate Presentation details key Milestones In Process (slide 9) for 2008 as shown in the image above.

Since my last search, a 6N Silicon international patent has been published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO):


The present invention provides for methods of purifying silicon, methods for obtaining purified silicon, as well as methods for obtaining purified silicon crystals, purified granulized silicon and/or purified silicon ingots.

Analysis of 6N Silicon’s process will have to wait for a future post.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

ersol Thin Film: solar (conflict?) at work

Ventizz Capital Funds acquire a minority stake in ersol Thin Film GmbH.
Co-founders of Ventizz Capital Partners are also the ersol Supervisory Board Chairman and Vice Chairman.

ersol paves the way for growth for its Thin Film unit (Deutsch) was the latest revelation in the ersol Thin Film drama announced on Monday, February 4, 2008. The ersol Solar Energy AG (FRA:ES6) press release said:

Ventizz Capital Fund III LP, Delaware and Ventizz Capital Fund IV LP, Jersey (Ventizz) signed a contract on the holding of Ventizz in ersol Thin Film GmbH, Erfurt, which has been approved by the Supervisory Board of ersol today. Ventizz will acquire a minority stake of nearly 50% in ersol Thin Film GmbH by way of a cash capital increase. ersol will retain the managerial responsibility.

Since both Ventizz Capital Fund III LP, Delaware and Ventizz Capital Fund IV LP, Jersey are private equity funds launched and advised by Ventizz Capital Partners Advisory AG, it is unclear if ersol shares were in effect sold from one Ventizz fund to another. Nonetheless, ersol Thin Film GmbH obtained a €48 million increase in equity capital and access to additional Ventizz partner loans. The transaction values the ersol Thin Film subsidiary at about €100 million.

ersol Thin Film will invest the capital in capacity expansion and micromorph tandem module production equipment upgrades.

Who is Ventizz Capital Partners Advisory AG? Although this is the Ventizz Capital Company Profile, per this ersol Interim Report - 1 January to 30 September 2007 (Deutsch), the Ventizz Capital Fund II LP held a 50.45% majority stake in ersol Solar Energy AG. Voting rights disclosures are available on the ersol website. Ventizz Capital Partners was a pre-IPO investor in ersol.

In addition, Ventizz Capital Partners CEO Dr. Helmut Vorndran and Managing Partner Reinhard Löchner are also ersol Supervisory Board Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively. Given the potential conflicts of interest, having this transaction “approved by the Supervisory Board of ersol” doesn’t seem very reassuring.

Besides the Ventizz Capital Partner connection, here are a few obvious questions regarding the motivation behind this transaction:

  • Did the ersol Management Board not want to make further investments in ersol Thin Film?
  • Has ersol been unable to otherwise finance the planned expansions and upgrades of ersol Thin Film?
  • Is ersol positioning the ersol Thin Film subsidiary for a spin out or sale?

There was no disclosure of the Ventizz Capital Partners Advisory AG relationship with ersol Solar Energy AG in the press release. Perhaps this transaction merits further regulatory scrutiny?

Breaking news: ersol Thin Film and SCHOTT Solar forge alliance for the joint development of micromorphous thin-film technology

Interesting indeed.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

ISFOC First Phase 1.7 MegaWatt Installations Underway

Tracking progress by Concentrating PhotoVoltaic (CPV) companies SolFocus, Concentrix Solar, and Isofotón.

On January 15, 2008, with SolFocus First to Install Solar Array for 3 MW Spanish CPV Project, SolFocus, Inc. and ISFOC, Instituto de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos de Concentración S.A. or Institute of Concentration Photovoltaics Systems, announced the completion of the first CPV solar array for the 3MW (MegaWatt) ISFOC project. For background on ISFOC, please see ISFOC 1.3MW CPV Power Plant tenders made public.

First SolFocus array at Puertollano, Castilla La Mancha – Spain
Photo Credit: SolFocus, Inc.

SolFocus’ first array has been installed near ISFOC in Puertollano, Castilla La Mancha – Spain, as part of the initial 200kW (kiloWatt) of their total 500kW ISFOC award. Per SolFocus:

SolFocus broke ground at the ISFOC Puertollano site in October of last year with the civil construction and underground electrical work. The SolFocus array that is installed is rated at 6.2kW and has performed over its design output, which is significant at the early stage of this project.

Photo Credit: Concentrix Solar GmbH

As of last Monday, Concentrix Solar’s CPV solar array installation at ISFOC in Puertollano was also moving forward, and Concentrix had completed 12 trackers with 5.75kW each for the project as shown in the above photo. These look similar to the main tracking solar arrays in Concentrix Solar Concentrator Proving Ground Slideshow.

Outside of ISFOC, per Concentrix Solar awarded the "Innovation Award of the German Economy" (Deutsch):

Concentrix Solar GmbH was awarded the 28th "Innovation Award of the German Economy" in the category of "Start-Up Companies", distinguishing it as the company with the most promising innovation.

I also contacted Isofotón S.A., a subsidiary of the private Grupo Bergé, for an update on their installations in Puertollano. While Isofotón understood my request, they chose not to reply. Here is the last official news from Isofotón about the ISFOC project: Isofoton, first international company to pass tests required by the ISFOC, within the frameworks of the Standard EIC62108 certification for photovoltaic concentration modules (Español).

Alas, the big CPV news last week was from EMCORE Corporation (NASDAQ:EMKR) with a pair of deals including a 200MW to 700MW MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with solar new comer SunPeak Solar, LLC and several Spanish market agreements totaling $18 million. Here are the press releases:

EMCORE Corporation Enters Into A Multi-Year Agreement To Supply Solar Concentrator Photovoltaic Systems for Utility Scale Power Projects In The Southwestern US
EMCORE Receives Additional Orders To Supply Spanish Market With Its Concentrator Solar Photovoltaic Components And Systems

Please see Concentrating on the Southwest Sun by Rachel Barron at Greentech Media for background on the EMCORE deal with SunPeak Solar.

I think an EMCORE MOU with a brand new photovoltaic project developer deserves further scrutiny. No financial terms or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) were disclosed in the press release. At least the Southwestern United States has significant direct solar resources for CPV.

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