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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Recent Spring 2009 Photovoltaic posts at

As the summer solstice approaches on June 21, 2009, and the powers that be at Google are not indexing my Sitemap this week, many search visitors are finding GUNTHER Portfolio here at the legacy Blogspot home.

[Graphic Credit: Molly Zisk for the Ocean County Register.]

Here are few recent posts and topics to entice a visit to my current domain:

SEIA trashes Gainesville Solar Feed-in Tariff

Intersolar 2009: My Photovoltaic Top 10 List

SolarMagic, Solar Magic Category: SolarMagic

Enphase Energy and Tigo Energy at Silicon Valley Photovoltaics Society

Green Jobs Platform for Solar

2nd European Solar Days

In Search of Skyline Solar – Part 2 Category: Skyline Solar

OPEL International asserts second BETASOL HCPV deal

NanoGram Solar pitches at ThinkGreen

Egg Harbor Township Middle School first to go Solar

I’ve been thinking about using a partial RSS feed to combat RSS abuse by unscrupulous aggregator sites. Common abuse includes not linking back to the original content in the headline, altering the post headline, and stripping the original author information and acting as though the site admin or owner is the author.

If that wasn’t egregious enough, the doctored and laundered content is send out via RSS! And Google seems to turn a blind eye to these practices and gives the unscrupulous aggregators decent page rank and Google Alert results.

To maintain my preferred Full RSS feed approach, I am working on a post tagline footer I’ll append to each post. Here is my first attempt. Maybe I should just go with GUNTHER Portfolio inside?

Please visit GUNTHER Portfolio for genuine posts by Photovoltaic Blogger Edgar A. Gunther.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Distributed generation:
thanks for the comments on that topic. Naturally Applied Materials needs to promote utility scale applications, because they would have a hard time in any other market segment.

Has anyone seen an analysis that calculates the cost of transmission, environmental impact studies, etc. of remote solar power generation and compared those with a distributed scenario?



1:03 PM  
Anonymous photovoltaikanlagen fan said...


thats a very nice article. in germany its the same problem. you can read some interesting topics on site

best regards


4:51 AM  
Blogger Chuck said...

I have enjoyed reading these old post and have learned some great info on the topic of photovoltaics.
Have you stopped writing?

9:33 AM  

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