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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nanosolar Utility Panel #2 eBay Auction Update

Mind your Terms and Conditions
Solar panel to be held in escrow until June 1, 2009!

The Nanosolar Utility Panel #2 has been bid up on eBay from a Starting Price of US $0.99 to a post time high Bid of $10,700.00! Thirty-eight (38) bidders have made eighty-six (86) total bids to reach this point. Here is the Bid History.

In the description section, Nanosolar, Inc. said (Ed: bold added):

This solar panel is currently in Seller’s possession but it will be held in escrow until 6/1/2009 before local pick-up by the winning bidder (or shipment at cost to the winning bidder). Prior to delivery, the winning bidder agrees to sign an agreement with Seller prohibiting any reverse engineering of the solar panel or its components after the bidder receives the solar panel.

While the Wattage rating of the Nanosolar module is unknown, it is a safe bet this module is priced at over $50 (perhaps $100+?) per Watt at this point. Nice gross margin!

Nanosolar reserves the right to notify bidders and cancel this auction at anytime for any reason, but the PROCEEDS OF THIS AUCTION WILL BE USED FOR CHARITABLE CAUSE.



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