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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Moser Baer PV invests in Solarvalue AG

I just happened to the see the news when I checked my email. For now, I want to point out my prediction about a possible partnership with Moser Baer in Solarvalue discusses plans and process. I haven't been doing well on the speculation/prediction front in recent posts. Here is a link to the press release, Solarvalue AG and Moser Baer PV Announce Partnership (Deutsch).

This explains the run up in the Solarvalue shares in advance of the announcement. It also explains the renewed interest of W&P Profil in metallurgical silicon production with M5 per Solarvalue: What ever happened to the M5 arc furnace?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't belive what solarvalue is doing. One time they say "We do all alone" next time they say "we have found a partner"
Hell, what a carzy management.
We will see what's going on with solarvalue and it's surpriseing management *LoL*

1:48 AM  

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