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Friday, February 16, 2007

Towards Energy Autonomy (at Google)

New Politics for Renewable Energy

Dr. Hermann Scheer (Deutsch) elaborated on ideas from his latest book, Energy Autonomy: The economic, social, and technological case for renewable energy, to a sold out audience at Google Building 40 in Mountain View. The event was organized by German American Business Association of California, Inc. and the MIT Club of Northern California Clean Technology Program.

A full webcast of the event should go online tomorrow (or sooner?), so I wanted to get my video snipets of the Martin Roscheisen's introduction and the first four to five minutes of Dr. Scheer's talk posted ASAP.

For more video, check out Energy Autonomy - The Code of Survival, a media project based on Herman Scheer’s book. Experience the film (German only so far/ Deutsch) and discover and support the project (Deutsch).

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Blogger Edgar A. Gunther said...

I placed the unedited videos on Google Video as a single file.
My lousy video editor messed up the audio sync when I split the videos in two to get under the YouTube 100MB limit.

See the better versions:
Martin Roscheisen

Dr. Hermann Scheer

1:59 AM  

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