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Monday, February 05, 2007


EPIA organized event in Brussels, Belgium, on February 13-14, 2007

I wasn’t even aware of this event when I crafted my Photovoltaic Conference and Exhibition Preview 2007, so I thought I would profile it and give my quick take.

Organized by EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) with support from the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform and the EREC (European Renewable Energy Council) directed RESTMAC project, the agenda for this two day workshop will cover Photovoltaic market trends, Country market assessments, and Removing financial barriers. The workshop is geared towards bringing ubiquitous Investors and Banks together with the photovoltaic industry representatives and developers crowd.

My first impression from the registered companies list was this event is geared to larger, established companies in the photovoltaic space. Maybe this event would be a chance for investors to get a northern hemisphere winter mid-quarter update on the aggregate state of European and international photovoltaic markets and public investments. Later, a company name at the top of the list attracted my attention: ARENDI SRL. This raises my expectations additional new and start up photovoltaic firms will attend the event to meet potential investors.

As I have noted before, readers want to know more about ARENDI, the CdTe/CdS start up building a 15 MW per year production line in Milan, Italy. I had not found a website for ARENDI until my search today uncovered this Italian article, Moduli a Film sottile by Sandro Kensan, with a golden link to the Solar System and Equipments website, ARENDI by another name. I suggest reading or translating both the English and Italiano to extract the most information.

This naming idea no doubt originated from ARENDI’s University of Verona colleagues?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

TY for the link to my article. The SSE is a universitary start-up, Arendi is a company with capital from many industries and bank.

Sorry for my english. Sandro.

6:58 AM  

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