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Thursday, November 16, 2006

SOLON AG CEO Kicks PV Blogger Out of Analyst Conference

[Berlin, Germany]

I am in Berlin today attending the 7. Forum Solarpraxis. After reviewing the program, I decided to attend the Analyst Conferences of Q-Cells AG, ErSol Solar Energy AG, and SolarWorld AG. Since the presentations and questions were interesting as I expected, I decided to remain for the SOLON AG fuer Solartechnik (FRA:SOO1) presentation. Before the presentation began, someone from SOLON AG went around the room checking if you were an invited analyst. Anyone not invited was shown the door. As I was leaving, I asked for the gentleman’s business card so I could cite him by name in the Blog. Although I expected he was from Investor or Public Relations, the bouncer was SOLON AG CEO Thomas Krupke!

I complained to the Solarpraxis AG (FRA:SPA) folks about this, but the analyst sessions are open or closed at the discretion of each company. By the way, I am thankful to the Solarpraxis team for the quick approval of my accreditation.

But I did get a copy of the SOLON handout before being ejected. So here are estimated numbers from the handout without table formatting. I have no idea if these are new or reiterations of previous guidance.

Development of SOLON’s Product Portfolio (e means estimated)
Solar modules 2006e 70% 2007e 60%
SOLON Mover 2006e 30% 2007e 40%
Total output 2006e 84MWp 2007e >100MWp (108-110?)
Export ratio 2006e 35% 2007e 40%

Key Financials SOLON Group 2006e (in million Euro)
Revenue 300-350
EBITDA 27-31
EBIT 21-25
EBT 18-22
Net result 12-14
Earnings per share 1.30-1.50

What are you hiding Herr Krupke?


Blogger Dominic Jones said...

You took an interest in his company and the guy kicks you out! Unbelievable. As an investor, I would be very concerned about a company that does not want coverage or does not encourage people to be interested.

Also, there's the issue of selective disclosure. So only friends have access, not the rest of us?

So "old school" it would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

Good on you for calling attention to this.

3:12 PM  

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