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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Selected Reptiles and Amphibians from the New Jersey Pine Barrens

The New Jersey Pine Barrens (also referred to as the “Pinelands”) is a forested and rural area located in Southern to Central New Jersey. Even though New Jersey has the highest population density of any US state, the 1.1 million acres (4,500 km²) of the Pine Barrens remain underdeveloped. The Pine Barrens ecosystem thrives in the sandy, acidic, nutrient-poor soil typical of the region. The New Jersey Pinelands Commission is an independent, state/federal agency charged with preserving and protecting The Pinelands National Reserve.

Here are some of my friend's portraits:

Fowler’s Toad

This Eastern Garter Snake was interrupted while trying to chow down on another Fowler's toad. He was none too happy about the unnatural intervention! The Fowler's toad rested for about a minute and hopped as far away as it could.

These reptiles and amphibians are very common species. A thorough listing of Pine Barrens reptiles and amphibians with photos can be found at the Online Field Guide for Reptiles and Amphibians

One year, a few salamanders took up residence in our driveway. Alas, was not among them.
Disclaimer: I have no connection with , but I do enjoy Lurchi's Adventures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are cool. But, you need some poisonous ones to attract attention. Maybe I'll send you some photos from the Valley :-)


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